1) Why do carers want to transfer to a new foster agency? 

Some feel undervalued and believe there’s more opportunity elsewhere. Others lack support and become demotivated. The current agency may not provide the kind of work they are interested in. All these are reasons why foster carers look to transfer to an alternative agency. Our team have received many transferrers and they have seen first-hand that an agency move can completely change a carer’s fostering experience. 

2) Where can I get support once I have decided to transfer?

For every part of the transferring process, we’re right there with you. Our goal is to make everything as straightforward as possible, so you get to enjoy being an evolve foster parent as soon as you transfer foster agencies. 

3) Can I transfer the training I have already received from my current foster agency? 

All the skills you have learnt during your fostering career will be transferred across, assessed and a new personalised training programme will be produced.

4) Can I transfer from a local authority to an Independent fostering agency?

Yes, you are perfectly within your rights to transfer to an Independent fostering agency from a local authority provider.

5) What guidance does evolve offer during the transfer process?

From your notice of intention to transfer, through to the referencing and formal assessment procedures, your new foster agency will explain to you what is required and when. 

6) How long does it take to transfer foster agencies?

Your assessment can be fast tracked for selected applicants leading to a shorter assessment and transfer time – please contact us to discuss your circumstances. The full transfer is usually completed within 3 – 6 months.

7) Will I receive the same pay as my current agency?

We have a highly competitive fee structure though income within that structure is based on qualifications and experience.

8) Can I transfer with the children I am currently fostering?

If you wish to transfer and there are children and young people in placement, the local authority responsible would organize a transfer protocol meeting to discuss the transfer, any implications on the children and young people and ensure the minimal disruption to them and you.

9) Can I take holidays when I’ve transferred foster care agencies? 

We promote holiday breaks for foster parents at the same time assuring that this is a positive experience for your foster child or young person.  

10) Why choose evolve as your new foster care agency?

At evolve, we believe that strong relationships hold the key to successful fostering, which is why we’re committed to nurturing them constantly.  We also enjoy strong working relationships with local authority partners, meaning we receive regular opportunities to place children and young people with our foster families.

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