Each fostering organisation is registered with Ofsted and there are two key positions that must be appointed. These are subject to an interview with Ofsted and application process. The two key roles are the Registered Manager and Responsible Individual.

The Registered Manager is the key person responsible for safeguarding, securing positive outcomes for children and young persons and supporting carers and staff effectively. The Registered Manager will have relevant experience and qualifications (including social work) as checked and reviewed by Ofsted. The Registered Manager would be the main point of contact as a senior person in the agency for foster carers, children, staff and other third parties. The Registered Manager will oversee and submit Ofsted notifications (to Ofsted) relating to reportable issues or events. When there is a change in Registered Manager, this has to be agreed with Ofsted and again is subject to interview.

There is a nominated person for each fostering agency to deal with Safeguarding Matters and Complaints. The contact details for this person need to be clear for everyone to access. This is often the Registered Manager but it can be another senior person at the fostering agency with relevant experience and qualifications.

The other required position is the Responsible Individual that is also interviewed by Ofsted and approved. Their role relates to compliance, reporting and covering business or operational related areas. It is beneficial and important for the person to understand and know fostering. The Responsible Individual will work alongside the Registered Manager.

Each fostering agency has a Panel Chair, their role is to oversee the panel meetings and to promote best practice and outcomes. Each panel meeting must be held with the relevant representative panel members and agenda items must be discussed and covered to a high standard. The Panel Chair will be independent from the agency and have relevant qualifications and experience.

Panel meetings are held to cover foster carers approvals, safeguarding issues, deregistration of foster carers, foster carer reviews and other areas.

The follow up from panel covers recommendations. These are shared with another key position within a fostering agency, the Agency Decision Maker. This role is again a relevant person with experience and qualifications. They will review recommendations from panel and foster carer reviews, to take relevant decisions. For example, on the continued approval of a foster carer from their annual review or the approval of new foster carers.

The role and position for a fostering organisation is covered in the Statement of Purpose. This provides an overview and is a required document for each agency.

Please download a Guide to Fostering or a copy of our Statement of Purpose for Evolve Therapeutic Fostering.