Each foster carer has their dedicated and allocated social worker. Your social worker will have relevant experience and be social work qualified.

They are your main point of contact and will be accessible for you to support you directly. Your social worker will visit you regularly at your fostering to home to spend time with you, talk through any issues, see your children that you are looking after and your birth children. Visits are held a minimum of monthly but they can be weekly or two weekly depending on the needs and support for each child or young person. The social worker role is to support you but also help ensure good outcomes and compliance areas are covered. For example, they complete an annual health and safety check for your home.

Your social work will visit first when you have a new placement or when other events or issues happen. It is important to have a good relationship and you can always contact your social worker through their mobile when needed. They will also join and attend key meetings with you with local authorities or when safeguarding events may arise. Your social worker will cover your annual foster carer review.

At Evolve Therapeutic Fostering, we limit the number of allocated foster parents to each social worker up to a maximum of seven households. This is to ensure a high level of support and time for visits.

Other areas that your social worker may help with would include when matching for new placements, discussing training and covering your profile to be shared with children (when referrals are being followed up). Recordings are also important through your daily log and your social worker can provide guidance here.

“Unannounced visits” will be completed by your social worker, these are best practice to have a visit the fostering home without notice. This is to have a visit when day to day happenings are ongoing and the home environment is as it would be each day.

Your social worker can help organising respite with other foster carers when you may need a break or can’t take the young person placed with you on holiday as you may wish.

Each social worker at Evolve receives dedicated supervision from their manager, relevant training and support.

Please download a Guide to Fostering if you are new to fostering or contact us if you are existing carers and want to know more about support from your Evolve social worker.