Is it easy to transfer to a different fostering agency in Kent? 

Once you have selected your preferred fostering agency, the process is relatively straight forward. However, it is useful to have the guidance of your new agency to lead you through the procedure. If you choose evolve, you will have a helpful in-house team to support you through every step of the way, helping with your transfer questions and assisting you with the essential transfer forms.

At what stage of my fostering career can I transfer?

You can transfer at any stage, whether you are a few months into a new career or have four years’ fostering experience behind you. Your current skill set is assessed by your new fostering agency and any relevant training you may require in order to do the type of fostering you prefer in your job is put in place. You will be required to give written notice of your intention to transfer. If you have a child in care already, the whole process centres around the welfare of the child and the impact of the move on them.

Are there foster parent opportunities in Kent? 

The number of children coming into care has increased over the last few years. According to the Fostering Network, over 1,000 foster families are needed in the South East of England (not including London) in the next 12 months. More specifically, there is a shortage of foster parents willing to foster teenagers, sibling groups, disabled children, and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. At evolve, we enjoy strong working relationships with local authority partners so there are regular opportunities to place children with our foster families. 

Am I restricted to a particular type of foster care?

There are many different reasons why children and young people need loving foster parents:  young children who may have experienced neglect or abuse in the past, teenagers who have been dependent on drugs or alcohol, or young adults who may be threatening the safety of their new-born through an unstable home. Sometimes adults or children may have mild or severe disabilities and need help with coping techniques or life skills. It is your choice who you look after – any limiting factors are more likely to be around your assessment report, which includes a medical report to show you are physically and mentally fit.

How do I go about transferring to Kent?

As with any transfer, the first step to take is to get in touch with your selected fostering agency. Explain your reasons for wanting to move jobs. If both you and agency agree to go ahead, the process will be like the application you made when you started fostering. There will be assessment and background checks, then this will be presented to a fostering panel. The panel eitherrecommend to approve, or, in some circumstances, ask for further assessment. The whole process normally takes 3 – 4 months.

What local support will I receive when I transfer within the Kent area?

Apart from the assistance given to you by your work colleagues and social workers, a great emphasis is placed on creating links with other foster parents and local support groups in Kent. There are opportunities to join numerous social activities which not only give the foster parents a chance to meet each other but also benefit the children in their care. The children love being included and are most likely to feel safe in this environment.

What are the benefits of transferring to evolve fostering in Kent?

Evolve Fostering aims to achieve highly successful personal, social and psychological outcomes for all children and young people placed with us. Employees see many benefits which help them work towards this goal:

• At evolve, we know that well-trained and well-supported foster parents will bring quality care to their foster children.

• You will be joining a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds. By passing on their extensive knowledge and valuable experience to you, it furnishes you with the ability and confidence to really make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children. Moreover, we strive to help our children reach their full potential.

• Our foster parents receive extensive support and generous allowances. You will be paid for the skills you have already achieved as part of your transfer package.

• We listen. At evolve, we believe the opinions of foster parents really matter. It is only with their contributions that we can now boast we are recognised and respected as a leading evidence-based therapeutic fostering service.

• Apart from mainstream training for new foster parents, evolve also offers therapeutic fostering and specialist parent and child courses. These enable foster parents to develop their careers in a choice of directions. We always encourage our foster parents to improve their fostering skills to enable them to deal with any challenging circumstances they might face in a professional way. A timetable for training is scheduled as part of your assessment. Alongside this, we provide outstanding 24/7 clinical support from our specialist therapeutic team so a foster parent can reach out for advice at any time.

Foster parents play a key role in transforming the lives of vulnerable people. They bring opportunity and hope where there would otherwise be little or none. Knowing you can make a lasting difference to someone’s life can be immensely rewarding and makes all the challenges that come with fostering worthwhile. The saddest thing would be for you to stop being a foster parent and a transfer to another agency could be all you need to get back on track with your fostering career.

If you are already based in Kent, why not pop in and chat to us? Or if you are further afield, give us a call – we understand if you are apprehensive! Each application we receive is carefully reviewed by a member of our professional team who will be delighted to connect with you to discuss your individual requirements.

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