In this series we explore how early adverse childhood experiences affect a child’s brain, and effective techniques for helping children through these experiences.

Early adverse childhood experiences are imprinted in the brain as unnarrated and disorganised fragments of sensation.  Without a coherent narrative there is no hook on which to hang or make sense of these sensations.  The healing comes from within a caring, thoughtful and reflective relationship with a safe adult.

It is not about the adult knowing the answer, or the ‘truth’ of the trauma but rather having the ability to be present and curious and sharing this in the relationship. There is never ‘one truth’ only curiosity, wondering and possibilities. 

Using our unique therapeutic fostering model, we offer expert training and support to our foster parents, equipping them with the tools to help the children we place with them. If you’re interested in our approach to foster parenting, and want to find out more, please get in touch