Therapeutic Fostering

Here, the foster parents become part of a therapeutic team. A specialist type of foster care that supports children and young people who may have dealt with trauma, abuse or any other kind of severe disruption prior to being placed in foster care. 

Sadly, many children who are in need of care require additional support. The impact of any of these factors on children and young people can be great. Often resulting in a wide range of complex needs, such as anger, frustration, emotional withdrawal, lack of interest or a constant demand for attention. In addition to all of the usual benefits of fostering, therapeutic fostering incorporates additional therapeutic interventions for children and young people who have had an especially difficult start in life. The aim is to help them to feel safe and begin to recover.  Our foster parents are provided with addition support and enhanced training from the Clinical Team.

By fostering you’ll be playing a pivotal role in shaping a child’s future. The relationships children have with their foster parents is imperative to their long-term development, and with our specialist training, support and guidance you can rely on us to help you help them. 

We, at evolve, are a fostering service with over 30 years’ experience in changing lives.  We know how important it is to feel valued and supported on your fostering journey, so we will be there for you every step of the way. We provide training and expertise across Kent, Medway and London.  

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When children need to live with a family on a more permanent basis, you can provide a long-term placement. Long-term fostering benefits a child greatly, by giving them stability and the opportunity to settle so they are able to form positive relationships and attachments. For children and young people, it creates a sense of belonging and security. Unlike adoption, the children remain the legal responsibility of the local authority, and fostering allowances continue to support the fantastic care of the foster parent. 


These placements provide a temporary home for a child or young person, lasting anything from a few weeks to a few years. Short term foster placements give foster parents the opportunity to support a child or young person. They provide the child with the secure and caring environment they need, whilst professionals, families and the child have an opportunity to work together to decide on their future.


Really short-term placements are put in place to offer their permanent carers a break. By introducing respite foster parents into a child or young person’s life it gives the chance for new experiences on a short-term basis, whilst providing a safe environment. Respite care is generally over a short period of time, or one or two weeks if required. It can be on some weekends or a few days throughout the year like in the school holidays.

Parent and Child

This placement, also known as mother and baby fostering, gives young people the best opportunity to develop their parenting skills in a natural and nurturing environment. It is when a parent, which could be a mother or a father, and their own child come to stay in a foster carer’s home for extra support. The mother or father can be any age and, if they are under 18, they may be a looked after child themselves.

Emergency Fostering

There will be occasions when a child or young person needs somewhere to stay at a moment’s notice, this is called emergency fostering. These placements could be due to a number of reasons, including unanticipated occurrences or events such as violence in the child’s or young person’s home, parent taken to hospital with a sudden illness, death of a parent or an accident or there is a safeguarding issue.

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