In this series we explore how early adverse childhood experiences affect a child’s brain, and effective techniques for helping children through these experiences.

Adverse childhood experiences are stored in the old part of the brain. This part of the brain has no verbal language, instead operating in the language of sensations. This kind of trauma cannot be ‘talked out’ or reassured. There is an expectation that a child or young person removed and placed in a safe and loving home will recover and the trauma will be taken away.

The old brain however, keeps the trauma alive, triggering the original fear and terror at any moment. Stuck in their reptilian brain these children and young people exhaust their new carers and snow ball into repeated placement breakdowns and further rejection, loss and trauma. 

Treating the reptilian brain through trauma informed interventions such as sensory work, repetitive and rhythmic body work and EMDR in the context of mindful reflective caring can these children and young people be healed.

Using our unique therapeutic fostering model, we offer expert training and support to our foster parents, equipping them with the tools to help the children we place with them. If you’re interested in our approach to foster parenting, and want to find out more, please get in touch