Evolve Therapeutic Fostering is a therapeutic focused agency that is family owned and is recruiting and supporting foster carers locally in Havering. We have a family ethos at the heart of our approach and engagement with foster carers. When you are approved and join a fostering agency, the agency being local to you as foster carers is really helpful for many reasons that are summarised below. Please do Request a Call Back from one of our fostering team or Download a Guide to Fostering to find out more and any other thoughts you may have on your fostering journey.

Local events and spending time together

We look to hold events and activities that are local to our foster carers including covering the Havering area. The agency location is relevant for travel time and for attending easily. It is helpful to spend time with other foster carers to share experiences on fostering and supporting children and young persons. If your agency has other carers local to you in Havering, that will be beneficial. We have foster carers locally and are currently recruiting other families.

Local training that is nearby to travel to

When training is held face to face together, it is practical and helpful that this is near to your home, and there is not long travel time for you from your home in Havering. Training can be delivered through online or virtual forms also but being together is helpful for selected courses where the topic is easier to discuss together.

Regular visits from your dedicated social worker

It is important that your social worker is there for you and can visit regularly and when needed in an emergency or when you just need to see that person to talk things through. We have local social workers in Havering to support your fostering needs.

Securing the right placement and match for you

Your fostering agency will receive referrals from the local authorities that they work in partnership with. It is important that your fostering agency has good links and partnership working with Havering because this is your home local authority for fostering.  The local authority, Havering, will aim to place children and young persons nearby to their education base (school or college) (if this is in their best interests) and usually aim for within 20 miles of their birth home. This allows for continuity for the young person with their education and can provide contact with their birth parents. These are all important considerations at the matching stage and we have a dedicated social worker focused on receiving referrals and discussing these with foster carers directly.

Evolve Therapeutic Fostering works closely with Havering Local Authority and we receive a positive level of referrals to match these for you following your approval as foster carers. We also receive referrals from local authorities across the South East and London. Our therapeutic model and focus helps enhance the support for foster carers and potential matches.

Your fostering journey and application to become a foster carer

When you apply to be a foster carer, our local team in Havering will visit you and again you would prefer an agency that is nearby. We have dedicated social workers focused on your assessment process where you will have several visits to talk through your fostering application, family experiences, preferences and cover everything involved in fostering. When your assessment is completed, you will attend panel for your approval. 

If you are worried about anything about your fostering application process, please ask us!

The assessment process also includes “Skills to Foster” training for all foster carers under assessment. This course covers all the key areas for new carers.

Taking respite (break) from fostering 

When you would like a short break or holiday from the challenge and hard work of fostering, it is important and helpful if you have local foster carers nearby to you in Havering. This can help a respite placement be organised for your current child or young person with you. This is with practical considerations on travel and attending school or college for the young person in Havering area.Please do contact us to start your fostering journey!