Do I need any qualifications to be a foster carer?
The basic requirements for a foster carer in the Kent region are that you are at least 21, you have a spare bedroom and that you have permanent leave to remain in the UK.
Will I receive foster care training? 
Yes, all foster parents receive some mandatory training initially, then an ongoing programme of training develops your career as a professional foster carer. We specialize in helping children who have suffered trauma or have complex needs and therapeutic training is integral.

“We receive high quality and meaningful supervision”

Am I the right age to foster a child?
So long as you are aged 21 or over, you are able to apply to be a foster parent. There is no upper limit and many choose to provide care and support to children well into their 70s.

How much do Foster Carers get paid?
Foster carer incomes in Kent vary depending on the agency or your local authority and how much training you have received. Expect to start around £22,000 at the start of your fostering career, reaching around £28,000 with social care qualifications. We are competitive with this rate and also have an exclusive rewards platform where you can get discounts on family experiences and stores across the UK.

“evolve are open, honest and transparent in their practice and approach”

Is there opportunity to connect with other foster carers?
Throughout your fostering experience with us, you and your foster child or young person will be linked to local support groups and included in social activities.

“We are now treated as a fostering family, with birth children included in all events, participation events for all children and young people and social events and get togethers for us foster parents”

At evolve, we know that choosing a career in fostering is a big decision. Over many years, we have developed an all-encompassing package of support and expertise that’s available for all our foster parents and children, whenever they need it. We get to know you, your family, and the children in your care, so that we can provide all the support, training, and development opportunities you deserve.

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