Transferring to a new fostering agency brings new horizons 

If you’re a foster carer looking for a complete change in your working environment, a transfer to a more suitable agency may turn your fostering experience around. We place great value on our foster carers and provide exceptional levels of support and personal development. We aim to make the transfer to a new foster agency run as smoothly as possible and in accordance with the Fostering Network Transfer Protocol.

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Fast-tracking your transfer application
With new safeguarding and HR systems and having a range of social workers readily available, we are able to streamline processes that will fast-track your application and aim to complete your fostering assessment in 16 weeks.
First easy steps to transfer
If you have made your decision as foster carer to transfer and have a preferred agency in mind, you’ll need to inform your current agency of your intent. Your new foster agency may offer you a letter template for this.

Linking with your new fostering agency
With your consent, your agency of choice will look through your fostering files held by your current employer. This gives information about your fostering career to date and allows the new agency to check there is no reason why you should be unable to continue.
The formalities of transferring
Once your new agency is satisfied you can transfer to them and progress with your career as a foster carer, a protocol meeting is arranged with everyone who is involved with the child or young person in your care. The meeting is usually led by the placing authority. That way, those you are fostering can be protected and the authority will assure their welfare can be looked after in the same way.

Approval for transferring your foster agency
After your transfer has been approved by the local authority, you are then required to give your formal notice to your current agency. Your new foster carer contract is prepared and a starting date set.
Whilst the transfer process is usually straight forward, it can take weeks to sort. By choosing evolve foster care agency, you’ll get help right through those weeks because we understand that transferring fostering agencies can be a huge decision. If you believe it is that a transfer is right for you, we’d love to hear from you and help you achieve a positive experience.

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