The first step on the journey to becoming a foster carer in Brighton with Evolve is considering your commitment and time for fostering. Fostering is challenging and can be difficult at times, so you need to be dedicated and have the right approach.

The initial areas to consider for becoming a foster carer include:

  • Do you have a spare room and space in your home to look after a child or young person? You definitely need the spare room and space to become foster carers.
  • Do you have the relevant time either yourself or one of you (if considering fostering jointly) to look after the foster child or young person?
  • What is your parenting experience?
  • What other specialist skills or experience may you have for fostering? For example, working in education or healthcare
  • What children or young person may you wish to support in fostering? This may be young children, parent and their child, children with enhanced needs or siblings.

Enquiry stage

After considering the above, and only if you have a spare room, if you contact us directly or Request a Call Back. This includes providing basic information at this stage for us to contact you. For example, your mobile and confirming your home local authority. This would be Brighton for potential carers applying here.

Telephone call and screening

A recruitment team member from Evolve will contact you to discuss your interest and cover key questions. If all is good and we are moving forward, we will then arrange an initial visit.

Initial visit and application form

We will visit you or complete a virtual call to cover all your questions and have a more in depth discussion around your application to become foster carers. Evolve will provide full information and cover your:

  • Local fostering support in Brighton
  • Foster carer payment
  • Social worker support
  • Agency information on Evolve
  • Information about child and young persons you can look after (as example)

Evolve works closely with Brighton Local Authority for fostering and therefore we can share referrals after your approval.

You would complete a fostering application form with all your details and information.

Form F assessment and checks

This is an in depth assessment over several weeks where an assessing social worker visits you to cover your full experience for fostering, skills, family members and safeguarding areas. This stage includes relevant checks also including references and DBS.

Skills to Foster Training

This is targeted training over 3 days to give you all the relevant training and know-how to become foster carers in Brighton. It is important to note that this is built on with focused training from when you become foster carers.

Attending panel

You would attend Evolve Fostering’s panel to be presented for approval as foster carers. We would be there to help you and prepare you. Following this, your recommendation is made from panel and your decision to become approved foster carers is taken by the Agency Decision Maker. Following this you become approved carers!

This is only an overview, we have a full guide to becoming a foster carer also to share.

Please contact us to Request a Call Back about becoming foster carers in Brighton!