Caring for the foster carers 

The multidisciplinary team at evolve believe that, by providing excellent support and care to their foster families, the families themselves are then in a great position to be able to do the very best they can for the children and young people they care for.

“evolve know their foster parents and we know the evolve team”

Professional foster care training

Whilst fostering can be a highly rewarding career, it comes with its challenges. evolve foster carers receive the right training to enable them to deal with these in a professional manner. The company’s outstanding training, assessment and mentoring programme brings all sorts of tools and resources to light. Foster parents gain a broad-ranging learning experience which guides them to achieve a professional and relevant response to all types of situations. Many opportunities are opened up to them and they are strongly encouraged to increase their knowledge and experience as a lifelong learning process. 

Forming foster carer connections

Each foster carer is invited to become connected to and involved with social care groups in Kent and across the South East region. These groups extend the support they receive from the evolve Team and they gain valuable knowledge from other experienced carers. All of this contributes to the end goal – to know how to provide a safe, secure environment for their foster children and young people.

Support Teams for foster carers

All foster carers are supervised by social workers. In addition, there is a peer mentor working closely with both the social workers and the foster parents. They are treated as professionals from the beginning.

“evolve are open, honest and transparent in their practice and approach”

Help with managing therapeutic challenges

All foster parents at evolve have access to a specialist team, Connect B4 Correct, who develop carers’ therapeutic parenting skills. This enhanced clinical support allows carer confidence to grow in the knowledge that they are well equipped to manage more complex situations. These skills are often called upon to support the emotional development of disadvantaged children and young people in care. 
“Anything during out of hours is followed up – you are never left hanging, never feel on your own”

Becoming an evolve foster parents brings a wealth of opportunity, career development and social connections. Risks are minimised through a great support network and the task of helping a vulnerable child or young person in need of a caring host family can be enjoyed.

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