Some foster parents give up their jobs to care for children, so the foster care pay they receive is vital to support them and their household. Whilst money is not the main motivation for people to become foster parents, our foster parents perform a really important role, so it is right that they are properly taken care of. 

We, at evolve, provide foster parents with an allowance, from £585 up to £725 per week. It is split into two parts.

The first being money to cover the costs of looking after a child. A child maintenance, so to speak. This allowance covers daily and living cost to care for a child or young person. Caring for children in your home, you will incur not only the basic costs of food, clothes, toys, and utilities. There are trips out, pocket money, and other expenses that pop up where children are concerned. The fostering allowance is not only there to help you cover these expenses but also to compensate you in the process.

The second is a reward to the foster parent for your time and skill. This is based on the age of the foster child, the type of fostering placement and whether or not this is specialist fostering. The foster parent payment is to ensure there is no financial implication or concerns with money to the foster parent in regards to the care of the child. Therefore, the only investment foster parents need to make is that of time, love, support and of course, a spare room. We recognise that foster caring can sometimes be stressful. It’s important not to have money worries so you can care for the children in the way you’d like to and also look after your own wellbeing. We want you to feel financially secure when you’re a foster parent with us, so you can focus your attention on providing great care and enjoying a good quality of life.