By fostering a child you are making a difference. An amazing and positive difference in a child’s life and future. 

Currently there are over 83,000 children in the UK living away from home, with nearly 80% of these children and young people are living with foster families. These children vary in ages from babies through to teenagers, each with their own different personalities and needs. Whether social services remove a child, or a child is put into foster care voluntarily by their parents, some of the most common reasons for foster care are neglect, physical and/or emotional abuse, abandonment or parent illness. The child’s basic needs can be neglected, along with their medical and emotional needs. Emotional, physical and sexual abuse can also lead to a child being removed by social services. 

Every child’s journey into foster care is unique. However, there are some common reasons, any of which could have a long-term impact on the child’s development, including behaviour, speech or an inability to trust adults. Fostering is incredibly important. Not only does it make a huge difference to a child’s life, it also helps to stop the cycle of neglect. Enabling children and young people to reach their potential all whilst having the safety and stability of a foster home. As foster parents have a big role to play in helping children deal with and overcome these issues, it’s important to understand the reasons why children might enter the care system.