There continues to be a real shortage and requirement for foster carers across England and locally in Brighton.

The latest research from Fostering Network in 2022 showed an estimated shortage of up 7,300 foster carers across England. 

Fostering is a rewarding career and it helps make a real difference to children and young persons. If you live locally in Brighton, you can support the local children and support their future and outcomes. You would need a spare room, commitment to fostering and to undertake relevant training. 

The number of children in care overall has increased to 82,170 (Source: National Statistics) at the end of March 2022. This due to a range of factors including cost of living, pressures on families, the impact of COVID, social and demographic factors. This trends looks set to continue and Brighton area would be impacted also.

Foster carers are joining and starting fostering careers with 4,035 carers approved last year to 31 March 2022 across England. There was however 5,435 foster carers that left the fostering sector (Source: National Statistics). This led to a fall in the number of overall fostering households.

Brighton has a population of 276,334 (at 2021 based on the Census – Source: National Statistics) and there is a shortage of foster carers here locally also. Evolve Therapeutic Fostering is based locally and is looking to recruit foster carers here. Our team would be able to visit you quickly in Brighton to cover your questions about fostering. 

The agency is receiving referrals regularly from Brighton local authority and Evolve Therapeutic Fostering works in partnership with the local authority. Referrals from Brighton for fostering cover parent and child placements, sibling groups, challenging teenagers and other young persons. 

To support foster carer requirement, we will be holding local recruitment events in Brighton and we would love you to attend and join us.

Evolve Therapeutic Fostering pays competitive fostering allowances of up to £750 per week per child and this includes and covers the Brighton area. 

The model for Evolve Therapuetic Fostering does put the focus on support for carers including following a therapeutic model. This includes one to one support and extra intervention such art therapy, drama therapy or play therapy.

Please Request a Call back to find out further information about the shortage of foster carers and how you can help!